Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the history

The Lydecker House today looks nearly exactly the same as it did in 1940.
Lydecker House Today

Lydecker House 1940

Howard Lydecker lived in the Lydecker house with his wife Kay and son Steve, throughout the 1940s.

Howard and Kay Lydecker 1939 in front of the Lydecker House

Howard Lydecker & his son Steve outside the Kitchen in 1941

Party at the Lydeckers circa 1940

Lydecker's Dormer
Lydecker built a dormer on top of the house with a spotlight inside so his wife could signal him while he was at work. If he saw the light was on, he knew his family was awake.


The Lydecker Brothers are descendents of the Lydecker family from Inglewood New Jersey. Garrett Lydecker received the first land grant in Bergen County in 1803. The Garrett Lydecker House and the Westervelt Lydecker House in New Jersey are on the National Register of Historic Places. The Shipley Lydecker House is a Maryland Landmark.


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